Reporting on our progress

Council routinely reports back to the community on its progress against its Operational Plan, Delivery Program, and Community Strategic Plan outcomes. Financial performance against annual and long-term budgets is also reported yearly.

To ensure accountability to the community, all of Council’s reporting is compliant with NSW Government legislation and the Office of Local Government’s Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) framework.

Biannual progress reports

Council compiles biannual progress reports to provide a snapshot on progress made against the adopted Operational Plan and Delivery Program. It also identifies areas that require Council’s attention.

Reports against the Operational Plan 2017/18

Reports against the Operational Plan 2016/17 

Annual reports

Council produces Annual Reports outlining achievements in implementing its Delivery Programs, and the effectiveness of the principal activities undertaken in achieving the objectives in its Community Strategic Plans. Annual Reports include a copy of Council’s audited financial reports.

Inner West Council Annual Report

The 2016-17 Annual Report covers the period from 12 May 2016 ('Proclamation Day' for Inner West Council) to 30 June 2017. This document includes Council's audited financial statements for the same period.

Inner West Council Annual Report and Financial Statements 2016-17 (PDF 4.4MB)

Archived Annual Reports and Financial Statements

For the community's convenience, a number of recent annual reports and financial statements from the former Ashfield, Leichhardt and Marrickville councils remain available to download.

Note: Council did not produce an annual report for the 2015-16 period due to the council mergers in May 2016.

 Ashfield Leichhardt Marrickville

Former Ashfield Financial Statements 2015-16 (PDF 5.9MB)

Ashfield Council Annual Report 2014-15 (PDF 11.9MB)

Former Leichhardt Financial Statements 2015-16 (PDF 2.9MB)

Leichhardt Council Annual Report 2014-15 (PDF 6.8MB)

Former Marrickville Financial Statements 2015-16 (PDF 2MB)

Marrickville Council Annual Report 2014-15 (PDF 5.7MB)



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