Flood Management Advisory Committee

The Inner West Flood Management Advisory Committee helps develop and implement of Flood Risk Management Plans (FRMP) for the Inner West local government area.

The purpose of the committee is to assist Council in implementing the NSW Government’s Flood Management policies and strategies to manage flood risk.

It is a discussion forum for technical, social, economic and environmental matters and allows for differing views on these matters.

It does not have any formal powers, but can consider and make recommendations on policy and operational matters and project deliverables.

Resolution or recommendations of the committee must be endorsed by Council.

Council sought expressions of interest from residents and business owners within the Inner West Council local government area with a knowledge of or interest in flooding and associated matters for membership on the committee. Membership of the committee was finalised in November 2016 in accordance with the Inner West Council Flood Management Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 125.3KB)

Objectives of Flood Risk Management Plans

The objective of a Flood Risk Management Plan is to identify methods for the management of the hazards associated with flooding and for mitigation of the amount of flooding at or through properties within the local government area with the intention of:

  • Reducing the impact of flooding and flood liability on the community
  • Reducing private and public losses resulting from flooding
  • Recognising flood prone land as a valuable resource which should not be necessarily sterilised
  • Taking into account social, economic, ecological and cultural factors

The strategies to meet these objectives may include recommendations to Council concerning:

  • Collection of flood data and commissioning of studies
  • Preparation of Floodplain Risk Management Plan
  • Establishment of Development Controls
  • Purchasing or raising properties
  • Provision of flood related information
  • Structural mitigation measures
  • Flood education
  • Flood warnings and emergency response

The committee does not consider specific development issues proposals/applications but focuses on broader catchment-wide management issues, Council policies and strategies affecting flood prone lands.

Function and scope of the committee

The principle objective of the Flood Management Advisory Committee is to assist Council in the development and implementation of Flood Risk Management Plans for the Inner West local government area.

The function and scope of the committee will include but not be limited to the following:

  • To assist Council in the development of Floodplain Management Study and Plans for the Inner West Council local government area, taking into account Council’s policies in respect of environmental sustainability and biodiversity
  • To provide a link between Council and the local community
  • To assist in the collection of necessary information
  • To identify objectives and strategies related to the improvement of the management of the floodplain
  • To monitor and review the implementation of flood planning
  • To provide input into known flood behaviour as part of the flood study
  • To coordinate with catchment management boards, emergency management boards and other advisory bodies
  • To actively coordinate, promote and implement the Plan through local planning processes, works programs and education campaigns seeking cooperation and encouraging community participation

Business papers and minutes

22 June 2017

16 May 2017

1 February 2017



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