Leichhardt Park Children's Centre

Leichhardt Park Children’s Centre (LPCC) is located in the beautiful surrounds of Leichhardt Park, Lilyfield; along with Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre, Leichhardt Oval Sporting Fields and playgrounds.leichhardt park front

The centre is a 60 place purpose built centre, catering for children from 6 weeks – 6 years.

Leichhardt Park Children’s Centre consists of four playrooms that each flow outdoors into naturally designed play spaces, a large welcoming foyer that aims to capture the family culture and community, a commercial kitchen that streams to a main dining room and family meeting room.

Alike all our council services Leichhardt Park will adapt and implement an intentional educational play based program and curriculum to all ages accordance with the National Quality Frameworks, The Early Years Learning Frameworks and the Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations.

In conjunction to our daily program a high quality transition to school preschool program will be implemented, using cross referencing from the Early Year Learning Framework and the Board of Studies Teaching and Education Standards.


7:30am – 6:00pm Monday - Friday


Children in the 0 - 2 years room - $126

Children in the 2 – 3 years room – $121

Children in the 3 – 5 years room - $116

Centre Construction Update - March 2018

Leichhardt Park Children’s Centre construction has been has been completed. Formal opening of the service will be expected in the second half of 2018.

Council is required to seek Service Approval from the Department of Education and Communities, prior to opening.

Please note from July 2018, Australia will have a new child care package providing more support for families. During this development period, all new providers are unable to obtain CCS approval, which will affect the opening date of the service.

Enrolments will commence once approval has been granted. All positions will be offered in accordance to our priority access guideline, and in conjunction with each child's registered date via my waitlist.
If you wish to place your name on the waiting list for this service please follow the link below.

If you wish to place your name on the waiting list for this service please follow the link below .

Online Waiting List Application Form

For further enquires please contact Lisa Caridi - lisa.caridi@innerwest.nsw.gov.au

Please see below for some recent progress shots of the centre for your interest below. Furthur photos of the learning spaces will be posted shortly.

November Progress Photos

Outdoor Planting is completed and the artificial grass has been laid - the outdoors is coming along!

20171101_120223    20171101_120227

 20171107_115925   20171107_121056



October 2017 Progress Photos

Planting in well underway, with a large variety of plants including herbs, fruits, shrubs, flowers and miniature trees. All fruit and herbs grown on site will be utilised in our commercial kitchen as well as the children's daily programs.

20171024_144332   20171024_144326

1   23

                   20171024_144307         20171024_142317


September 2017 Progress Photos

Leichhart Park Childrens Centre Leichhart Park Childrens Centre

Leichhart Park Childrens Centre  Leichhart Park Childrens Centre

Leichhart Park Childrens Centre



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