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Newtown art seatThe Newtown ArtSeat presents art to the local community and gives artists and community groups a public space for the purpose of artistic outcomes.|

The Newtown ArtSeat can be used for exhibitions, collaborative work, photography, multi-media or any other form of cultural expression.

The Newtown ArtSeat is brought to you by Inner West Council, with support from Arts NSW and the City of Sydney.

Now at Newtown ArtSeat

The Silent Majority Sees

The Silent Majority Sees
By Emily Valentine

We, as members of the local community, have lost control of our surroundings. We know what is going on and feel saddened and disheartened seeing our local landmarks destroyed. Of course, I am thinking of WestConnex and public housing, and observe how little effect our wishes and protests are having on our present NSW government. The silent majority observes, without the urge to object or react to the destruction that is happening around us.

In The Silent Majority Sees, people view the destruction of their community and passively watch. Join the noisy minority!

This image was built from many photos I have taken within the last 6 months around the inner west area. The photos of people were taken here, behind the Art Seat.


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