Corporate support monthly report

Current report: March 2020

Project status:

Green  Green: Planning, design and/or construction progressing as per schedule
Green  Amber: Planning, design and/or construction delayed with respect to the original schedule
Green  Red: Planning, design and/or construction on hold or cancelled

Capital Program Corporate Support 2019/20 Budget ($000) 2018/19 Unfinished Projects Actual ($000) % Spent Forecasted Year End Expenditure ($'000) Project Status Commentary Delivery Date 2020/21 ($000) 2021/22 ($'000) 2022/23 ($'000)
Information & Communication Technology 1,316 2,968 2,231 51% 4,382 Amber
The next release of the Core Applications consolidation program will commence shortly. Consolidation of Booking Systems has commenced and phase 1 is scheduled for delivery in July 2020. The next phase of the desktop deployment project is underway. Some projects are likely to be delayed due to current COVID situation and disruptions to supply chains and service providers. Various 815 985 977
Fleet 8,817 - 1,965 22% 8,817 Green
Plant replacement Program has been suspended during the COVID restriction period. A reduction in Fleet numbers is expected to be achieved in the 4th quarter of 2019/20. Budget reduced in Q3. Jun-2020 7,879 7,166 6,469
Capital Program Property & Assets 2,823 80 379 13% 3,020 Green
Ashfield Service Centre AC upgrade design complete and procurement commenced. Leichhardt Oval accessible toilet upgrade complete. Elliot Street kiosk renewal and Clontaff Cottage design RFQs in progress. Energy efficiency and solar projects at various sites near completion. Various 7,428 8,481 5,801
Grand Total 12,956 3,048 4,576 28% 16,218 16,123 16,632 13,246

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