Corporate support monthly report

You can find the monthly reporting relating to corporate support below.

Current report: January 2019

Project status:

Green  Green: Planning, design and/or construction progressing as per schedule
Green  Amber: Planning, design and/or construction delayed with respect to the original schedule
Green  Red: Planning, design and/or construction on hold or cancelled

Capital Program Corporate Support 2018/19 Budget ($'000) Actual ($'000) % Spent Forecasted Year End Expenditure ($'000) Project Status Commentary 2019/20 ($'000) 2020/21 ($'000) 2021/22 ($'000)
Information & Communication Technology 4,303 1,760 31% 5,721 Green The desktop roll out is in progress and the plan is to complete the roll out of over 1000 units in the next six months.
The initial phase of consolidated document management system is nearing completion and is scheduled for deployment in the first half of this year. Work is also progressing on the consolidation of core property and human resource systems.
Designs are being finalised for consolidation of networks and data centres and the procurement phase will commence shortly. The replacement of WiFi and Printers in council buildings has also commenced and will run over the next three months.
125 305 210
Fleet 6,401 1,597 25% 6,401 Green Heavy Plant & Equipment purchases have commenced and will continue in Q3/Q4 in line with the service review. 8,399 9,441 5,383
Capital Program Property & Assets 1,155 129 5% 2,467 Green Procurement for air cond for Ashfield Civic Centre 50%. Leichhardt oval air cond to commence in Feb. Telstra Building demolition to commence in march. 1,074 2,933 2,714
Grand Total 11,858 3,486 24% 14,589 9,598 12,679 8,307

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