Corporate support monthly report

You can find the monthly reporting relating to corporate support below.

Current report: September 2018

Project status:

Green  Green: Planning, design and/or construction progressing as per schedule
Green  Amber: Planning, design and/or construction delayed with respect to the original schedule
Green  Red: Planning, design and/or construction on hold or cancelled

Capital Program Corporate Support 2018/19 budget ($'000) Actual ($'000) % spent Forecasted year end expenditure ($'000) Project status Commentary 2019/20 ($'000) 2020/21 ($'000) 2021/22 ($'000)
Total Information & Communication Technology 4,303 810 19% 4,303 Green
Procurement for Desktop devices has been completed and the first batch of 100 devices will be rolled out in November 2018. Current schedule is to replace over 1000 devices by June 2019.
Council’s fleet of printers will also be replaced during this period and procurement has also commenced for this.
The consolidation of core business applications to the Technology One Enterprise suite is still continuing. The next module to be implemented will be the Request Management module. The internal use of this module will commence in October 2018. The release of single mapping solution has been scheduled for November. The build and testing of single document management system is underway with release scheduled for December 2018.
Work is also well underway in the design and build stages of the Technology One property, rating systems. The next phase in this stream will be the finalisation of system design and migration of data.
100 305 210
Total Procurement & Fleet 6,401 656 10% 6,401 Green
Heavy Plant & Equipment will be purchases Q2 & Q3 following service review. 8,399 9,441 5,383
Haberfield Library upgrade works 840 19 2% 840 Green
Draft concept approved by Westconnex. Community engagement on the concept to commence in November. - - -
Dawn Fraser Pool upgrade works 2,081 65 3% 2,081 Green
Detailed design 50% complete and progressing. Awaiting DA approval. EOI to commence this month. - - -
Marrickville Town Hall upgrade works 360 2 1% 360 Green
Concept finalised. DA will be lodged in November and scheduling of works to minimise impacts to the public underway. 2,090 - -
St Peters Town Hall upgrade works 395 - - 395 Green
Concept finalised. DA will be lodged in November and scheduling of works to minimise impacts to the public underway. - 1,460 -
Weston St Balmain - Fenwick Building - 17 - - Green
Completed. Old toilet removed and new one opened. Tenant to commence fitout works and open the premises early in the new year. - - -
Ashfield Aquatic Centre upgrade works 12,000 169 1% 12,000 Green
Contractor tender assessment in progress and will be reported to Council in November. Tender for Project Management Services underway. Construction Certificate expected before the end of the year. 19,550 - -
Steel Park CCC New Facility 50 47 93% 50 Green
Occupation Certificate expected this month. Completed minor defects. Application for licence for operation of the childcare centre in progress. - - -
Capital Program Children and Family Services 779 93 12% 779 Green
Works to commence in December for Leichhardt St CCC and Camdenville OSCH. DA for Cavendish ELC being prepared. Design for Deborah Little and Tillman Park ELC underway. 1,090 1,000 1,100
Capital Program Community Services 1,675 17 1% 1,675 Green
Tendering for Petersham Grand stand in November. Works at Jarvie Park 60% complete. Design in progress for Petersham Town hall, Thirning Villa and Mervyn Fletcher community centre. 1,286 1,455 1,200
Capital Program Footpaths Roads Traffic and Stormwater 100 - - 100 Green Consultation with Transport NSW for Brown Street Toilet. 300 - -
Capital Program Library Services 1,170 117 10% 1,170 Green
Construction of the new Marrickville Library ongoing and on track. 3,252 850 1,300
Capital Program Property & Assets 2,635 160 6% 2,635 Green
Start date for the part demolition of the building still to be confirmed by Telstra that is negotiating with their preferred Contractor. Leichhardt Town hall project 75% complete. 1,074 2,613 2,714
Capital Program Recreation and Aquatics 150 267 178% 150 Green
LPAC concept planning underway with geotechnical investigations into the 50m and dive pool to assess extent and priority of the works required. AKAC works 90% complete including the new Wellness Centre. 250 4,008 5,404
Capital Program Trees Parks & Sportsfield 3,509 325 9% 3,509 Green
Wicks park toilet works to start end of October. Architect engaged for the new toilet block at Camperdown war memorial rest. Community engagement to start November 2018. 1,974 2,412 2,830
Total Properties, Major Projects & Buildings 25,744 1,297 5% 25,744 30,866 13,798 14,548
Grand total 36,448 2,763 8% 36,448 39,365 23,544 20,141

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