Cyclic street tree maintenance works in Leichhardt

Council’s Tree Contractors AUTS (Australian Urban Tree Services) are currently undertaking Cyclic Street Tree Maintenance Works in the following streets:

  • Annesley Street, Leichhardt
  • Coleridge Street, Leichhardt
  • Fowler Street, Leichhardt
  • Waratah Street, Leichhardt
  • Standley Street, Leichhardt
  • Emma Street, Leichhardt
  • John Street, Leichhardt

    The works will take place from 27 March 2017 to 31 March 2017.

    Pruning works that are included as part of the program are below:

    • Pruning of trees to raise crown.
    • Removal of deadwood.
    • Pruning of trees to allow for 2 metre property clearance. This means that there still may be branches that overhang your fence line. Council considers a 2m clearance from the canopy of the tree to the roof of your property adequate clearance in an urban environment.
    • Pruning of trees to allow for 2 metre clearance of service wires (connections to houses not overhead high voltage cables).
    • Pruning of branches which do not allow for 2.5 metre footpath clearance.
    • Report on works carried out to all trees.
    • Report to Council on any dead / dangerous / diseased trees that would require possible removal of major pruning works to be carried out.

    The program has proved successful with the number of street tree complaints received being reduced and the appearance and amenity of the street being improved.

    For further information regarding Council’s Cyclic Street Tree Maintenance Program, please contact Council’s Parks Technical Officer - Leichhardt Service Centre on 9367 9219.


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