Full Investigation Needed for WestConnex Asbestos Claims

The Inner West Council has joined the federal Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency in calling for a full investigation of claims that asbestos is being used as part of the construction of the WestConnex Motorway.

Administrator Richard Pearson said that safety of residents must take priority over the infrastructure project.

“Clearly safety must take priority over the urge to push the motorway forward,” he said.

“Inner West residents are already bearing the brunt of construction impacts for WestConnex. There must be absolutely no question that their future health is also being placed at risk.

“The State Government needs to investigate these claims fully and assure the people of the inner west that their safety is not being compromised.”

The call follows claims by a former employee of excavation company Moits that the company is recycling demolition waste containing asbestos.


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